Activities on offer


Welcome to a world of adventure and exploration in Hoedspruit! Beyond the thrilling Kruger safaris and safaris in a private Big 5 reserve that await you, our region offers a tapestry of activities that cater to every passion. Cruise through the stunning Blyde River Canyon, and encounter wildlife at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre. If you crave adrenaline, hit the hiking trails or embark on Microlight Flights for a bird’s-eye view of our enchanting landscapes. Immerse yourself in conservation efforts at Cheetah Breeding Projects and the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.

From close encounters with Jessica the Hippo to the cultural wonders and the Panorama Route, our array of activities promises an unforgettable journey. Be sure to inquire about these exciting options when booking or checking in, as we’re committed to making your stay as dynamic and memorable as possible.


Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Kruger Park safari, where excitement and adventure converge amidst the untamed beauty of the African wilderness. Climb aboard our open-air safari vehicle, led by passionate guides who not only possess an expert eye for wildlife but also share captivating tales of the bush, creating a truly immersive experience. As you traverse Kruger Park, let the thrill of encountering the Big 5 and the mesmerizing landscapes leave an indelible mark on your memory.

For those seeking a more intimate encounter, we offer the option to explore a private Big 5 reserve, elevating the adrenaline factor as you witness nature’s majesty up close. We also offer a pickup and drop-off service from Kubu Lodges.

Book now and immerse yourself in a safari experience that transcends the ordinary, promising memories that linger for a lifetime.

Guided Walking Safaris

Immerse yourself in the captivating experience of a guided walking safari at Kubu Lodges. This unique adventure unfolds amidst a rich tapestry of diverse landscapes, where a variety of wildlife, ranging from graceful antelopes to beautiful bird species, becomes an integral part of your journey. Adding an extra layer of excitement, the occasional presence of other animals such as leopards, wild dogs and more elevates the safari to a thrilling exploration of the untamed.

What sets Kubu Lodges apart is not just the remarkable fauna that graces its grounds but the expertise of our guides. They are not only skilled at wildlife observation but also serve as knowledgeable educators, offering insights into the ecological balance of the bush. Every step on this walking safari is an opportunity to learn and appreciate nature. So, step into the wild at Kubu Lodges and let our guides lead you on a journey where the natural world comes alive with every stride.

Other Activities

For those wanting to do something other than a safari adventure, Hoedspruit and its surrounding areas offer a diverse array of activities to cater for various interests. You can enjoy a Blyde River Canyon Boat Cruise, Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, Hiking Trails, Jessica the Hippo, Panorama Route, Gods window, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre and much more. Explore the region’s cultural and natural treasures through these exciting alternatives, each offering a unique perspective on the beauty and diversity of this enchanting destination.

Be sure to ask us about the various activities when making your booking or when checking in, and we’ll be delighted to help you tailor your experience to suit your preferences.